General Information

What is a sustainable wetsuit?

Good question. We are on a mission to develop a brand producing wetsuits that have the least impact on the environment in production and in their afterlife.

For us it starts with removing Petrol & Mined Limestone based neoprene and replacing it with a natural ingredient alternative.

From there ensuring the lining, zips, glues, dye's, logo prints etc are all the most sustainable and least impactful on the environment through their full lifecycle.

Partnering with Europes first wetsuit recycle centre allows us to offer a 360 closed loop sustainable wetsuit offering.

As Snawve grows we aim to open a research and development arm of the business to contribute to innovation and development of new materials and elements to use in production.

Does a neoprene alternative perform as well?

Absolutely it does! We have put this material through rigorous testing through a network of surf shops, board schools, professional riders and more. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

A part of the process was to not tell people it was a neoprene alternative to get their real feedback and then when they were told they couldn't believe it was in any way different.

Where is Snawve based and where are the wetsuits manufactured?

We are proudly based in Ireland, designing, developing and delivering from here. Right now Ireland does not have a production facility for wetsuit type products. So we have gone with the next best thing, European made, being made in Bulgaria.

It is a major goal for Snawve to open a facility at home to be able to manufacture the wetsuits here in Ireland. One we will work hard towards achieving.

Prodcucts & Materials

If it's not Neoprene then what is it?

A natural rubber alternative made from a mix of Natural rubber, Oyster shells, Rapeseed Oil & Sugar Cane. These 4 ingredients mixed with some foaming agent and softern deliver a perfect alternative to traditional neoprene.

What else about the wetsuit makes it sustainable other than no neoprene?

When we are introduced to the available components on the market that make up the entire wetsuit the only questions are which are the most sustainable and highest performing.

Right now we are heeding the advice of our manufacturers and suppliers around what the most sustainable elements are we can use in our production. Foams, lining, glue, dyes, threads, labels and so on.

Ok the wetsuit is sustainable, what about the rest of your products?

Our clothing and accessories range will be made exclusively from organic cotton. This eco-conscious fabric offers numerous sustainable benefits. Organic cotton cultivation eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, protecting both the environment and the farmers who grow it.

By opting for organic cotton, we also support biodiversity, conserve water resources, and reduce carbon emissions.

How do I make sure I order the right size?

Follow our size guides. Click the button to expand the guide within the product page. It is best to measure yourself in the areas noted on the size guide to ensure you get the right size for you.

I don't see my size, what can I do?

We want to be size inclusive and will try to offer as broad a range as possible. As we grow from launch, more and more size options will become available off the shelf. If you don't see your size right now please reach out as we can arrange sizes on request, which may just take a little longer right now, but we want to cater to everyone, so please reach out.

BioFoam - Does that mean it will Biodegrade?

Biofoam means that it is made using renewable biomass ingredients. i.e Natural rubber, Oyster shells, Rapeseed oil & Sugar cane. It is not biodegradable in a compostable sense.

What wetsuit type & thickness do I need?

Check your local sea temperature guides.

Our wetsuits are designed for:

4/3 - 10-15° C water temperatures

5/4 Hooded w/ Thermal lining - 5-11° water temperatures

Product care

How do I look after my wetsuit?

-Hand rinse using cold, fresh water after every use. Ensure to wash any salt wanter out of the zip too.

-Never Iron, Bleach or Tumble dry.

-Drip dry on a line out of direct sunlight

What can I use to clean my wetsuit?

There are some natural ingredient soaps available do your research before applying anything to your wetsuit as a cleaning agent.

We recommend a wash post use with clean fresh water.

Shipping & Returns

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free globally on orders over €150. Please see our Delivery & Returns page to see any local rates for orders below.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery times based on orders received before 1pm daily: 

Ireland: Next day

United Kingdom: 1-3 business days

Europe: 2-4 business days

USA: 2-4 business days 

Australia: 4-6 business days 

Rest of the world: 4-8 business days

I want to return my order, what do I do?

Head over to our delivery and returns page within 30 days of purchase and fill out our returns request form. From there you will be sent a returns slip to post us back your products.

Do you ship to my location?

We ship globally.

Wetsuits worldwide!

Are there any import duties & taxes after I complete my order?

Import duties are calculate at checkout for countries outside of the eurozone. No other charges will be sent to you after checkout from any local agencies.

When will my refund be processed?

We aim to process returns within 3 days of receipt of your return parcel

Wetsuit recycle programme

How does it work?

1) Add a wetsuit return label to your cart

2)Package and send your old wetsuit to us

3)Your wetsuit is shredded by our partner circular flow and made into after life products like yoga mats and bags.

4) Play your part in removing 8,380 Tonnes of wetsuits annually sent to landfills.

Where is the recycle centre?

The recycle centre is in Bulgaria beside our wetsuit manufacturers facility. One of the main reason we partnered with them is their innovation in the space of recycling old wetsuits.

What kinds of things are my old wetsuit turned into?

Yoga mats, Bags, Beers cozys the list goes on. Recycled products from the factory will soon be on sale on the website.

Can I drop my old wetsuit off to be recycled?

Right now we are operating on a ship it to us basis. As we grow we want to develop a network of brick and mortar stores across the country to make recycling wetsuits easier for everyone and reduce the need to ship them vs a drop and bulk collection format.