• u18 Irish Surf National Champion

  • Irish Surf Team

  • West Coast Surf Club

Hey I'm Odin Villarreal,

I'm 17 and I live on the west coast of Ireland in a town called Lahinch. 

Originally I'm from the Basque Country in the North of Spain. 

I moved to Ireland with my parents when I was 8 for one year and it was so relaxing living in Ireland that they decided to stay.That is when I started surfing but I didn't really get into it till I was 11. We lived half an hour from the sea, so sometimes it was hard to get in the water. 

The Covid lockdown was great for me and that's when I progressed the most. By then we had moved into Lahinch and I could surf every day due to the online classes. 

My favorite wave is Black Spot in Bundoran. My local surf club is The West Coast Surf Club, that's the club I ride for in the surf comps. In 2023 I won the Under 18s Irish Tour and came 3rd in the Irish Nationals in Bundoran. My goals for this new year is to progress as much as I can, win the u18s Tour and the Irish National.

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